Here’s a list of our 2014 vendors! 2015 vendor list coming soon!!

Victoria’s Vintage Expo Vendors

Passion & performance dance group  (located in the stage area)

W.I.N. Victoria boutique & silent auction (located next to the concession on level 2)

Booth #1 Zentak Vintage: Vintage housewares & fun retro kitsch!

Booth #2 Joel’s vintage – Featuring vintage accessories & a healthy assortment of vintage odds & ends!

Booth #3 JulsGems Vintage Fashions

Booth #4 Bill Bartlett Collectibles Worldwide postal history, cover lots, Children’s illustrated books, vintage photo snapshots, ephemera.

Booth#5 Bill and Judy: Offering uniquely  upcycled vintage lamps & a delightful selection of exquisite vintage jewelry including Sarah Coventry, Sherman, Coro & more

Booth #6: Retro Repurposed Retro repurposed is a small scale and environmentally friendly business which focuses on creating custom, one of a kind items from unwanted shipping pallets, barn board and commercial waste. We take unwanted items and turn them into something new and exciting in order to minimize stress on the landfiills and environment and to encourage a culture of reuse.

Booth #7 Fran’s shabby chic country collectibles

Booth #8 Atlas Vintage

Booth #9 2nd Chance hats For the funkiest and freshest vintage hats in BC!!! We also carry a limited supply of other vintage accessories, like purses, gloves etc. Plus a few items of incredible vintage clothing:

Booth #10 Better off Duds Better Off Duds believes in sequins & second chances. We specialize in gender & size inclusive vintage & collectable clothing. We offer men’s and women’s duds in an atmosphere that is unique, fun, welcoming and non-discriminatory. We carry clothing & accessories from mostly the 60’s – current trends with occasional older gems

Booth #11 Mavens Vintage: Vintage ladies fashions & always encouraging you to step out of the box and express yourself creatively through vintage clothing

Booth #12 Larch Trading Company: Vintage objects for the home, hand picked with love

Booth #13 Lost & Found

Booth #14 Sam’s mid-modern decor

Booth #15 Olivia’s collectibles and treasury

Booth #16 Kay’s curiosities: A Curious Collection of Collectible Curiosities. Check out

Booth #17 TBA

Booth #18 Val’s Vintage: A varied assortment of vintage treasures. The lovely lady behind

Booth #19 Oh Sugar – Sinfully good chocolates & sweets from around the world

Booth #20 Lynn’s Boutique: vintage ladies fashion collection.

Booth #21 Mile Zero Vintage: Vintage treasures for your pleasures!

Booth #22 Hopea: Rare nordic Jewelry from 1960-1975

Booth #23 Reloving Furniture: Offering unique up-styled furniture, chalk/mineral paint, classes, vintage decor, old farm furniture, the giant ‘chair wall’, soaps & fashion.

Booth #24 Love Like Red: Local paper & stationery company:

Booth #25 Louis’s antique jewelry, purses and girly things. All vintage and antique!

Booth 26 Everything old: We are passionate about finding and providing great usable antique and vintage items! We also ship world-wide!

Booth #27 The great Al!: Vintage oddities & collectible books & comics. The man behind

Booth #28 Jeanette’s vintage jewelry and accessories

Booth #29 Vintage Fair Victoria: Vintage jewelry, decor, kitchen kitsch and so much more!

Booth #30 Garden City Soul Club – Our DJs playing all vinyl all Friday night!

Booth #31 Creative Costumes by Adelle

Booth #32 Lovely Things Vintage: Chic, cherry-picked vintage clothing and accessories for all body types. Browse through our lookbook and come visit and let us help you find the perfect outfit for that 50′s themed cocktail party, dinner with your love, or casual work Friday.

Booth #33 Davie Enterprises: Collectors for 40 years sharing their treasures! Everything from vintage clothing to fun collectables!

Booth #34 Rad Juli Custom Leather works: Off cut leather and vintage fabric scraps become beautiful cuffs, castoff upholstery leather becomes obi-style and hipster belts, and exotic hides become beautiful and functional bags.

Booth #35 Bueno Style: Vintage inspired & re-worked jewelry.

Booth #36 & 37 Bamboo Beads & Bling first time selling their private collection of vintage clothing and jewellery:

Booth #38 Audrey Would Vintage glam cocktail wear

Booth #38a Francouise Moulin selling old fashion Nougat in a variety of flavours.

Booth #39 Looking Glass Diva’s – Vintage & retro clothing and more!

Booth #40 TBA

Booth #41 Leigh’s retro boutique

Booth #42 Mark and Claudia Turner’s vintage pottery collection & more!

Booth #43 Info station

Booth #44 Vintage After Death: 2 passionate collectors offering quality vintage attire, accessories and footwear, as well as a variety of retro objects of curio. We also offer personal and event styling services.

Booth #45 Embellish studios

Booth #46 & #47 Vintage beauty parlour presented by Shampoo Hair bar & Richard Mar

Booth #48 Sweet Peas at home Home decor to create the perfect cozy room

Booth #49 The Makehouse: Make, mend and do station. Bring something from home or from the show to alter or up cycle with their help!

Booth #49a Drama Queen Design mod dolls: Perhaps the most colourful booth at the show, with inspiration from 60’s mod dolls

Booth #50 Owls to Athens Vintage

Booth #51 Trinkets by design:

Booth #52 Josephine Hoskins Vintage Wedding Rentals

Booth #53 Barb’s amazing collection from 30 plus years, unraveled to us all!

Booth #54 Darlene Hall: Vintage hats & more!

Booth #55 Vixie Spats and Upcycled Design: Shannon’s vintage collection as well as up cycled cake stands

Booth #56 Joan’s Vintage boutique

Booth #57 Prim Stargazer: Upcycled ladies & children’s ware

Booth #58 Fused – the binocular fusion of fashion:

Booth #59 Biscotti di Notti & more!

Booth #60 Jody’s Naturals: Offering high quality soap products, made the old fashioned way!

Booth #61 Daria’s vintage

Booth #62 Michael’s rare & refurbished cash boxes

Booth #63 Robin Baxter: New creations made from vintage crystals, shells, gems, etc, crowns, collage jewelry, and keepsakes.

Booth #64 Morphed Mail

Booth #65 Toute de Sweet – Yummy artisan confections made by hand!

Booth #66 The Copper Hat – Deluxe vintage shaving products

Booth #67 Silk Road

Booth #68 The Naked Squirrel modern vintage feel, with a nod to current trend.

Booth #69 London Hoft Wooden boxes up-cycled with vintage paper.

Booth #70 Victoria Bead & jewelry show:

Booth #71 Lucky JVintage pin-pin up style & more!

Booth #72 Daughter of Wands Vintage

Booth #73 Copper and Lace steampunk

Booth #74 Vintage Funk:

Booth #75 Have Glamper, Will Travel

Booth #76 Duchess & Duke: Modern Vintage Cosignment:

Booth #77 The shopping Molls:

Booth #78 & #79 Unique Fashionable Accessories:
Over 70 unique vintage vendors

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